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At 17:15 on September 4, 2016, NAMGYAL said…

Dear Dharma Jewel,

thanks for your kindness,I'm 'lay' and just an absolute begginer so please forgive the lack of awareness as I try to deepen my understanding of Lord Buddha and his Great Teachings! Sincerely N.

At 9:02 on November 4, 2015, Jnañamati said…

Pablo, welcome. 

At 17:25 on November 2, 2015, Pablo Hernández said…


Thanks for sharing. Now I am abboard.


At 7:11 on September 15, 2015, Vasilis Kyriakis said…

Efcharisto poly kalimera!

At 21:34 on September 10, 2015, Beckie Phillips said…

Thank you for your warm welcome,with the love and guidence from the Amida trust, on my spiritual journey I know I will be in good company. Namo Amida Bu 

At 10:33 on July 13, 2015, Lesley Eastman said…

Thank you for your warm welcome to me. I don't spend a great deal of time online and I'm not a member of Facebook or Twitter so I may need some help in joining chat rooms and discussions on this site.

Since becoming aware of Amida Buddhism I have experienced a gentleness and softness entering my soul and the beginnings of a faith in something outside but yet part of me which is giving me refuge in troubled times. I am learning about the Pureland and Nyorai (whose name I love saying because it fills me with a love I have not experienced before.

I have been working full time with homeless people for nearly 7 years now and I have found both comfort and nurture in Amida which is allowing me to continue with this emotionally affecting work and is preventing my burn out.

Looking forward to becoming more involved and I am looking into the Retreat Dec 8th in Malvern a place I visited many times as a child.

Namo Amida Bu

At 22:30 on November 30, 2014, David Masters said…
Thank you for your prompt and helpful welcome. I look forward to exploring, learning from and participating in the Amida community.
Namo Amida Bu
At 20:00 on November 21, 2014, Acharya Modgala Louise Duguid said…

Hi sis, could not get into my old account so started anew.

Hope you are settling in well in bonnie scotland

lots of love xxxxx

At 7:27 on October 15, 2014, ALVARO TOBIAS SUSANO said…

Thank you very much !! It's satisfactory.

Namo Amida Bu

At 17:11 on September 8, 2014, Andrew Furst said…

Appreciate the help and the welcome.  I look forward to more discussions after I spend some time on the site.  A short term goal for me is to determine if I should affiliate my current Sangha with Amida Trust.  A few years ago my teacher retired and I've been searching for a new Sangha.  I watched a video by Dharmavidya on Tricycle recently and was thrilled to hear him teaching the Pure Land.  He also provided a review of my new book, for which I am very grateful. 

When I've made the determination if this might be worth exploring, who would I talk to?

Namo Amitofo, 

Andrew Furst

At 20:43 on June 17, 2014, David Rogers said…

Thank you Sujatin!  I have sent you an email earlier today - not urgent; just explaining my route back to Amida  :)     It's great to be back here, thank you for making me welcome for the 2nd time.   Namo Amida Bu!

At 3:54 on April 23, 2014, Tetsuji Lane said…
Sujatin, thank you for accepting me. I am also on Facebook under Thomas Lane-Borgers if you'd like to add me. My spiritual path has experienced many turns, even within Buddhism.
At 9:36 on April 11, 2014, Gayre Christie said…
Nuri has been with me for TWO weeks instead of the usual one- its School Easter Holidays
The downside is that he goes to his Ma on Sunday for HER two weeks.

Brilliant essay by Dharmavidya 'Is Buddhism a Religion' and great to see that AA 12Step Program is a topic of discussion at Amida. You may know that I have been devoted to the AA 12step for 25 years 'Came to believe that I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become unmanageable' always thought it had a great affinity with Buddhism!

Love to Peter and Nuri sends hugs- and I've just given him giggly hugs and kisses from you


G and N
At 9:12 on April 11, 2014, Gayre Christie said…

Just thinking of you. On holiday at Mapleton with Nuri

At 20:17 on March 19, 2014, John McDonald said…

Many thanks ;-)

At 20:13 on March 19, 2014, John McDonald said…

Thanks - have joined some - head spinning now with all this info ;-) !

At 19:49 on March 19, 2014, John McDonald said…

Hello Sujatin,

Thank you for the lovely welcome - actually the "blue ghost" is more photogenic than I am - I've no digital photos - will see what can do ;-) .

At 21:12 on March 6, 2014, Richard Fairley said…
Thanks, Sujatin - I look forward to seeing you then! :) Namo Amida Bu!
At 21:12 on March 6, 2014, Richard Fairley said…
Thank you - I look forward to meeting you then! :) Namo Amida Bu!
At 20:47 on March 6, 2014, Richard Fairley said…
Hello, Sujatin! Many thanks for all the information and for adding me to the Newcastle group mailing list! I would love to come along at the earliest opportunity, if I may? Thanks again!


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