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As I attended a number of events leading up to my granddaughter leave her primary school I was reminded of impermanence and just how fast our lives go.
It seems like yesterday- a cliche I know but so true- that I took photos of her first day.
I now take photos of her leaving.
A happy time but also one of reflection and a certain amount of emotion.
Some sadness watching as she tries to deal with the sorrow of leaving her school friends and teachers she has known for long time.
And my own memories and facing the fact that I have aged as I watched her grow and never realised, taking it all for granted and never really stopping to think about how fortunate I am to have all of the things I do. The love of my children and now thiers.
As I grow older I tend to think more about my younger days and all of the things I could have done differently I worry about the future and old age and certain death.
It's at these times that I remember the teachings of Buddhism and Shakyamuni. I chant to Amida and think, live for today it's all you have.

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Comment by Andrew on July 24, 2016 at 9:07
Thank you
Comment by Jnañamati on July 24, 2016 at 7:33

These are touching words Andrew, thank you for sharing your experience. The sense that I have, considering the words "live for today, its all you have", is that Shakyamuni, the great sages and ancestors, invited us to be open to life's true purpose in each moment, and that this purpose is to dispel all doubt. In other words only by being born, living and dying can we know that human rebirth is precious, a grace, and that Amida's Vow fulfils this true purpose. In this sense I don't think the Buddha would have us believe that today is all we have, but rather to see how special an opportunity it is to have this life and to live in a time in which we have had the great good fortune to hear the Dharma. When such faith arises in our hearts we utter nembutsu. Namo Amida Bu


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