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Getting-it-wrong and the Buddha's smile

Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it! ~ Ram Dass

We are continually presented with opportunities to grow, to learn something about ourselves, to be courageous, to be kind. I see these opportunities offered to others too. What I notice is that, it's generally not very easy to take them. To say, yes, I will give my last piece of chocolate away. Yes, I will acknowledge that what I said was hurtful. Yes, I will see this deep flaw…


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Meet Poppet, our newly three-legged bunny.

Three legged Poppet

Kaspa and I enjoyed our two week break and at the end of our first day back, a busy volunteer day, I went to feed the much-loved temple bunnies with 3 year old Felix.

It took me a while to notice that Poppet wasn’t coming out of the hutch. When I looked closer I saw the blood, and that her back leg was at…


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Shiny hats & tonnes of Dharma

We're just back from the Buddhafield Festival in Taunton run by Triratna. We ran a couple of workshops and held three listening circles as a part of the Dharma Parlour (where all the best stuff happened).

This is our fourth year and we deepened our friendships with Dharma practitioners from other traditions (like the Triratna teacher Dhivan in the shiny hat and the Tibetan monk Tenzin Shenyen, pictured) and met lots of new people. It feels really good to work…


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Lost wallets & faith

I lost my wallet yesterday. It had £235 in it, which is no small amount to me, along with all my cards & a little photo of me and Kaspa when we first met.

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First Wesak at Amida Mandala

I thought you'd like to see the photo of the first Wesak for local Buddhists from different groups which I organised with my Triratna friend Gunasiddi.

Around 35 people came and we had representatives from 8 Buddhist groups including the Wild Goose Soto Zen Sangha,…


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Listen to nembutsu chanting all over the world (& Malvern!)

This morning between 10 & 11.30am we will be chanting here at the temple in Malvern and our voices will be broadcast across the world as a part of a 24 hours of continuous chanting organised by the Zojoji temple in Tokyo.

You can listen to us later - here's the link:…


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European Buddhist Conference - a lovely time was had by all!

Kaspa & I returned yesterday from Berlin, from the three day conference for European Buddhists that I helped Ron Eichhorn, a German Yun Hwa Buddhist, to organise.

We had 85 partipants from many different countries across Europe and from many different Buddhist schools. Kaspa gave a rather beautiful Pureland Dharma talk on the Sunday which was very well received - I wish he'd pressed the right button on his recorder and I could send it…


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Easter ceremony at Amida Mandala

Death and renewal go together like dark and light, like out-breath and in-breath. Who are the people you miss? Where are your new beginnings?
Today we performed the…

Added by Satyavani Robyn on March 27, 2016 at 14:12 — 1 Comment

What's your favourite veggie recipe?

There's a good article in the Independent today which speaks about the global benefits of people becoming vegan/veggie or even just eat…


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New audio recording of the Nien Fo service book

Hi all - I set myself the project this year of recording as many of the chants from the Nien Fo book as I could, so people around the world can join us more easily... here's the link -

I will continue to tweak the recordings as I get feedback and may also add some notes to each chant. If you find it helpful do let me know!

A big…


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Why our most unpopular group is at the heart of the temple

Every Sunday night at 6.30pm we clear away the service books and the zafus in the shrine room, arrange a few chairs into a circle and sit around a big stone on a purple cushion. 

A few people come - sometimes just one, sometimes four or five - and we take turns picking up the stone and speaking of…


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News from Amida Mandala: when the Priests are away...

Here I sit at my desk, waiting for my next psychotherapy client and reading Adam's latest news from France. We were away visiting a Buddhist teacher friend, Terrance Keenan, in West Cork this weekend, and so temple life continued without us - our aspirant Emma did a brilliant job of running Sunday service and 8 people attended. It's wonderful to…


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Beginning the day in fear

Today we had a volunteer day here at the temple and yet again, even though this is maybe the 10th one we've held, I started the day in a bit of a nervous wreck. 

This morning I think I managed to make more sense of it. I wasn't just worried about whether there would be enough lunch for everyone or if…


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CONTRITION: Gateway to the Awakening of Faith by Dharmavidya

(originally posted on the La Ville au Roi site:

Innumerable are sentient beings: I have harmed them all;

Uncountable are the holy precepts: I have broken them all;

Unfathomable are the Dharma teachings: I have offended them all;

Immeasurable are deluded passions: I have indulged them all;

Unconditioned is the heart of Buddha: I am accepted…


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Our year anniversary at Amida Mandala

Woop woop woop. The temple is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY.

And what a year it's been. It's been the toughest year of my life, but more importantly it's also left me more brim-full of gratitude than I've ever been before.

From the day we moved in, when Hilly scrubbed our new bathroom while Richard made our…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on November 28, 2015 at 19:23 — 7 Comments

Reflection from the Interfaith Day we attended on Monday

I thought I'd share the reflection written by the team who organised the day - some lovely sentiment. Namo Amida Bu. 


At the launch of the inaugural Interfaith week in 2009, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan…


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Interfaith day

After the horrors of Friday, what an honour to spend the day in dialogue with representatives from the…


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Amida-shu images on Facebook

Hi all - for those of you on Facebook our sangha member Steve is creating images using Amida-shu and other Buddhist phrases - here's one and you can look at the others here. Do share. Namo Amida…


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Socially Engaged Buddhism in Malvern

Sangha member Caroline Screen was one of the people who organised this march through Worcester on Saturday - there were approximately 160 people there including 6 of us from the Malvern sangha.

Since moving into the temple last October we've recently had a burgeoning energy for socially engaged work - now…


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Join us from afar as we stream our continuous nembutsu

Hi all - Kaspa & Sam (our new templemate) have set up a live stream for the continuous nembutsu we'll be doing here in the Malvern temple between 10am & 4pm tomorrow.

Save it to your computer or phone now: …


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