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Let nothing disturb you

Let nothing disturb you.

Let nothing make you afraid.
All things are passing.
God alone never changes.
Patience gains all things.
If you have God you will want for nothing.
God alone suffices.
~ St Teresa

(in other words, Not Everything Is Impermanent!)

Namo Amida Bu _/\_

Added by Satyavani Robyn on August 7, 2014 at 10:03 — No Comments

A conspiracy to protect me

Once per month I meet my friends in Newcastle, to catch up over some nice food. At the end of these nights, I walk home through a tough neighbourhood, to stay at my Mother's home, in the West end of Newcastle. I am always nervous making the 25 minute walk home; in my mind, every one I pass being my potential mugger or attacker. This has gone on for 20 years, since I moved south to Durham.  This evening, I made this ritualistic walk home but something came over me. Something came to…


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How do you describe your practice to others?

Hi all - I was reading a marketing book this morning which said how important it was for 'potential customers' to know what you do so they can find you. 

It led me to thinking about what I say when people ask me 'what kind of Buddhist are you?' or 'what do you do as a Pureland Buddhist?'.

Some of the answers I have seem inadequate at conveying even some of what our tradition includes - 'a devotional form of Buddhism' or 'we chant'... 

I know that the main thing that is…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on August 5, 2014 at 9:38 — 6 Comments

A Buddhist Approach to Self Confidence

Hi all,

Here is the recording from the talk I gave at last weekend's study morning here in Malvern: A Buddhist Approach to Self Confidence.

Listen/download (mp3)

Added by Kaspalita on August 1, 2014 at 11:09 — No Comments

A moderately existential spirituality

Spirituality is the spirit in which we do things. This is not necessarily conscious, chosen or understood. When we become conscious of it to any degree we try, at least implicitly, to make sense of it. We then might regard it as coming from our self, from (a) god, from the universe/nature, from our ancestors, or whatever, and this will define an aspect of our metaphysic, but even this constructive activity will be done in a certain spirit. It cannot help being speculative and motivated. Even…


Added by Dharmavidya on July 30, 2014 at 12:55 — No Comments

Eleusis diary July 16, 2014

Good Morning Friends of Amida

Today was a calm and relaxing day off for us at Eleusis. We took the day off to go to the lake and have a nice picnic with a friend of Amida. Jnanamati, Floor and I met up with our friend and had lunch by the lake. I had a nice relational talk with our neighbor friend and found much joy and peace.

I walked both sunrise and sunset, to the red and orange hues of essence. I felt a great sense of relief and compassion after my talks and…


Added by Hala Hoagland on July 17, 2014 at 9:23 — 2 Comments

How can you be certain of birth into the Pure Land ?

Ippen Shonin says;

Everybody laments not awakening faith that their birth is decisively settled. This is completely absurd. No settledness is to be found in the hearts of foolish beings. Settledness is the Name. Thus, even though you lack faith that your birth is decisively settled, if you say the Name leaving all to your lips, you will be born. Birth, then, does not depend on the attitude of heart and mind; it is through the Name that you will be born.If you think you can…


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Eleusis diary July 15, 2014

Good day to Friends of Amida

I wanted to start a diary of my times here at Eleusis. Yesterday was a fine and sunny day. In the morning, I got up early around 5:30am and wrote for an hour. Then I went on a walk in the nearby farm lands to watch the sunrise while chanting Namo Amida Bu. It was really refreshing and invigorating. There are only a few neighbors and no one seems to be outside so it is perfect for walking meditation. I could see beautiful orange and red hues on the…


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Eleusis Check-in Monday July 14, 2014

Hello and Good day to Everyone

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to the Friends of Amida. My name is Hala Hoagland and I am currently volunteering for Dharmavidya's French retreat Eleusis. This is a check in really because I have only just arrived a few days back. I was immediately welcomed by Jnanamati and Floor with open arms. There are plenty of rooms available and we hope after reading this that you will want to join us here.

The property is well kept…


Added by Hala Hoagland on July 14, 2014 at 18:39 — 3 Comments

3rd Spreading Buddhism International Conference 2014 will be held at Nagpur (India) on October 18-19, 2014

*** 3rd Spreading Buddhism International Conference 2014 will be organized by Civil Rights Protection Cell, Ashwaghosh Buddhist Foundation (India) & Jeewak Welfare Society jointly association with AWAZ India TV, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers & Dr. Ambedkar Health Organization on October 18-19, 2014 at Nagpur (India). Following topics of the conference.

* Buddha Sangiti (For Monks only)

* Buddhist India & National Building

* Buddhism…


Added by Dr. Milind Jiwane on July 8, 2014 at 15:32 — No Comments

Refuge Buddhism

We are Pureland Buddhists in that we are part of that family of schools of Buddhism that have the nembutsu as our central practice. We are Amida Buddhists in that the nembutsu is to keep Buddha Amida in mind. This is true and important. Most fundamentally, however, if one wanted a term to designate the manner in which I present the Dharma to you, it would not be inappropriate to say that we are Refuge Buddhists.

Of course, in a sense, all Buddhists are Refuge Buddhists, since all take…


Added by Dharmavidya on July 8, 2014 at 6:48 — 1 Comment

Why I practice Pureland Buddhism?

I was asked today by a friend, why I practice Pureland Buddhism?   Considering that I've been investigating, studying, and (to a lesser extent) practicing Buddhism for 17 years, what had made me take such a 'curve ball path' as that of Pureland and Buddha Recitation.

My answer was inspired by some reasoning that Dharmavidya gave about Pureland in his book Who loves dies well and also from Thich Thien Tam who has tranlated some wonderful Pureland…


Added by David Rogers on July 4, 2014 at 10:30 — 2 Comments

Benefits of chanting

via Dharmavidya:

To understand this article we recommend you familiarise yourself with the presentation:

1. Benefits of chanting – an introduction

A number of Saints have explained the importance of chanting. Chanting means repetition of God’s Name. SSRF emphasises chanting…


Added by Sujatin on July 2, 2014 at 12:04 — 1 Comment

The view from the moral high ground

In a post 9/11 world I feel constantly bombarded by stories of how Islam is a backward violent religion. Leaning leftwards as I do politically and having worked in the media I'm aware that alot of what's written and broadcast isn't the whole truth. However the drip drip drip effect inevitably leaves me feeling that my religion is somehow morally superior to all others especially the demonised Islam. Thus it has been an uncomfortable and revealing experience to read about Buddhist mobs filled… Continue

Added by Howard on June 17, 2014 at 16:32 — 3 Comments

A Theory of Ethics

Ethics are concerned with what is best to do in a situation. However, each situation that actually occurs is unique and the person confronting it at the time is also in a unique point in his or her own spiritual development. Thus, each person, at each point, must make a decision for which no formula can ever be entirely adequate. Nor does one face a situation with an entirely predictable outcome. Sometimes well meant actions produce bad results. Sometimes the inverse is true. In any case one…


Added by Dharmavidya on June 3, 2014 at 3:42 — 9 Comments

Cat poo & enlightenment

This morning I led people in kinhin – walking meditation – v e r y slowly around our garden. 

We stepped through the dew-laden grass taking in the purple spikes of erysimum, the sugary scent of the sweet-peas and the giant red skirts of the poppies. 

If you haven’t had…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on May 30, 2014 at 10:57 — 2 Comments

Audio talk: A Buddhist Approach to Living in Harmony

Last Saturday I presented a talk on A Buddhist Approach to Living in Harmony. I wanted to share some advice the Buddha gave to those living in lay communities, and in spiritual communities. This advice comes from the Mahaparanibanna Sutta, and as with much of the Buddha's teaching appears as lists of virtues.

In the first part of the talk I made some preliminary remarks about how as Pureland Buddhists we can relate to these lists of…


Added by Kaspalita on April 30, 2014 at 13:00 — 2 Comments

What I learnt from staying in bed....

This was originally a blog on Writing Our Way Home (a website that Satya and I run), but I thought it might fit here too.

6.00am. One of the cats comes in to the bedroom, meowing like the drawn out glissando of a singing-saw. I roll over in bed. The room is already light; the bedroom curtains are too thin and appear to glow in the dawn.

I try to ignore the wailing cat, who is just looking for attention, or…


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Ippen Shonin Golden Words

Reply written to bishop kogen, who asked about the mind firmly settled in nembutsu.

You have asked me to discuss the proper attitude of the person practicing nembutsu. Outside of saying Namu Amida Butsu, there is no proper attitude whatever; outside of this, there is no settled mind to be discussed. A multitude of doctrines have been established and left behind by the many wise masters, but they are all merely temporary statements made in response to different… Continue

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Nembutsu as the host of the heart

I found this in Honen's 'The Promise of Amida Buddha' this morning & thought you'd like it. Namo Amida Bu.

All of our deeds in the realms of samsara result from ties with the three worldly passions of greed, anger and ignorance. Understand that when the worldly passions of greed, anger, and ignorance surface, an illusion arises that causes one to fall into the lower realms. Do your best to prevent such an occurrence. 

If these worldly passions arise, merely think…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on April 23, 2014 at 8:44 — 4 Comments

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