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It doesn't really pay in my line of work to form emotional attachments to the people I support, some of the people I have been fortunate to support have a relatively short life expectancy, some only stay in our service a short time and move on, each person is unique in character, each one is unique due to varying degrees of disability, some have a debilitating illness, some are just vulnerable or struggling with mental illness, they all have one thing in common, as diverse and unique as people… Continue

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Dear all my friends Delhi is cold my nose is close last Sunday morning my community member sudosin house first chanting service and after i speech Buddha path and amida Buddha and Pure Land and main topic Dukkha and how dukkha end greedy and heat not good not heart any .i told Sariputra stories they are like .and after noon teaching class children interested in Duddhism children age mostly 9 to 14 girls and boys thank you .

Namo Amida Bu


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Sanghamitra's First Service

At our Amida Birmingham meeting this morning, Sanghamitra (previously known to us as Adrian) conducted his first service since his ordination last week.  A joyful time was had by all! We are very grateful for all he does for us, and we offer him much love and many congratulations. Namo Amida Bu! 

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Sometimes dreams do come true

Sometimes dreams do come true.

They don't come true in the way you imagine. The reality often includes more walking up and down stairs with heavy boxes, dog pee, form filling, frustration & cobwebs than you'd prefer.

But this weekend our temple was full of Amida Buddhists, chanting &…


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My thoughts.

Dear all my friend yesterday morning in laxmi garden Buddh vihar meeting and chanting chanting service I told Dhamma speech and truth way all life in dukha and how dukha end main Buddha Path and peafull way peaple accept and today one family invite me I went for chanting service nice service family very like and after noon children teaching class today lost children 42 and new 24 girls 18 boys they are like english and Buddhism class so me very happy .
Namo amida Bu

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Lost Buddhist Doctrines Part 2: Pudgala-vada

In the seventh century, Pudgalavadins were the most numerous denomination of Buddhists by a wide margin. Where are they now? The four or five schools of Pudgalavada have all disappeared. Pudgala means person. In the modern person-centred era these lost relatives may have something to say to us.

The Pudgalavadins believed that people exist. The real sense of this is in regard to the skandhas. According to the Pudgalavadin interpretation the Buddha taught that the problem in life…


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Edinburgh Retreat

Namo Amida Bu

Gratitude beyond words to Dharmavidya, Sujatin and my fellow participants at this weekend's retreat!

This was an intense learning, yet simple, simply human and easy-going, experience.

Throughout Dharmavidya's talks - which were far more wide-ranging, detailed, and honest/spontaneous (wise!) than I anticipated - my mental voice was "Yes...Yes...Yes...!".  At one point this morning I felt tears of happiness well-up at the Yes-ness (but ego stormed in - "don't…


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Tried a Buddhist icon

Experimented with a picture Satya published some time ago. Traced it to get a line drawing as a base for an traditional Byzantine-like icon. Although the original drawing was colored with watercolour with a beautiful translucent appearance, I was curious how the three figures would appear in a icon-like decor and with much denser coloring.

Here it is. As in most religious icons some theology is as it were packed in a symbolic imagery. I will write about that later. Hope you like…


Added by Maitrisimha Kouwenhoven on November 29, 2014 at 15:30 — 1 Comment

A new Pureland temple in Malvern is born...

I am very pleased to confirm that this morning we exchanged contracts on Bredon House in Malvern which will become Amida Mandala THIS FRIDAY the 28th - just in the nick of time for the Bodhi retreat!

We are very grateful for the work of Amida Trust who have toiled tirelessly to make this happen…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on November 24, 2014 at 12:20 — 3 Comments

Lost Buddhist Doctrines Part 1: Sarvastivada

In the 7th century CE, contemporary with the life of Shan tao in China, the Chinese pilgrim Hsuan Tsang made a pilgrimage to India which became famous both because of his travelogue which is the most extensive extant source of meterial on India at that time and also because the scriptures and doctrines that he brought back to China had a huge influence on the subsequent development of Buddhism throughout east Asia. Hsuan Tsang favoured the Yogacara interpretation of the Dharma and the ideas…


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The Buddhist Theory of Truth

I was asked does Buddhism have a theory of truth and, if so, what is it? The quick answer is yes, it does, and Buddha knows.

Let's unpack this. Buddhism does teach that there is truth (tatva, tatha). This means that Buddhism is not a pure relativism. It does not say that each person's truth is entirely their own affair. It is possible to be wrong or mistaken and this has consequences. Being wrong about the truth is delusion or ignorance (avidya) and this is the root of all human…


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Dear all my friend his father is died he is call me I went his house many 2 ladies crying all sad I say please not crying all people is died and I told Buddha Maha Parinirvan stories and after ladies not crying they are say me truth Bhante ji and after one week for Santi Path is very nice

Namo Amida Bu


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The End is not the end.

I recently became mindful of our mortality and how much suffering this creates for us humans. I had been rejecting the notion of death for years, like most of us do and facing it was a terrifying prospect. I couldn't see how facing up to reality could help anyone. It was more likely to depress me even more, but I did it anyway. This created in me a whole shift of attitude. By looking at death, I have realised that we all need love. We all need care. Not some of us, but ALL of us and…


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News of Dharmavidya's new book - Buddhism is a Religion

We are very happy to announce that Dharmavidya David Brazier's new book, Buddhism is a Religion: You Can Believe It is nearly ready for publication - hopefully by the end of November.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to publish this wonderful book, and for Mat Osmond for sterling proof-reading/comments and Adrian Thompson for the beautiful cover photo. 

There's a Facebook page…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on November 12, 2014 at 11:30 — 3 Comments

Eighty Four Thousand Teachings / Ochenta y cuatro mil enseñas

It is said that the Buddha gave 84,000 teachings. A little mathematics tells us that this works out to a little less than five per day in the course of his 50 year ministry. If we take these to have been formal Dharma talks, then, of course, this is unlikely. If, on the other hand, we take it that Buddha taught by example in informal ways then it seems like an under-estimate. Of course, such a literalistic manner of understanding - something to which modern people tend to be overly attached…


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Rowan Williams: how Buddhism helps me pray

Former Archbishop of Canterbury reveals intense daily meditation ritual influenced by Buddhism and Orthodox mysticism

:: link

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams has disclosed that he spends up to 40 minutes a day squatting and repeating an Eastern Orthodox prayer while performing breathing exercises as part of a…


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* HH Buddha Maitreya & Mandarava Tara (USA) has been felicitated by Dr. Ambedkar International Award 2014 at Nagpur (India).

* HH Buddha Maitreya & Mandarava Tara (USA) has been felicitated by Dr. Ambedkar International Award 2014 at Nagpur (India).

* Tarachandra Khandekar, Marotrao Kamble, N L Naik, Hadke, Er. Jambhulkar, Jiwantare, Dr Gedam has been felicitated by Jeewak National Awards 2014.



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