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I read this article below by Clark Strand recently, and loved it. While the context is here is Christian, those who've encountered Clark, here and elsewhere, will…


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Namo Amida Bu....throw it all away!

How can it be 

That delusional beings 

Can understand?

Thinking wisdom

Comes from paper

Thinking faith

Comes out of them 

Wasting time

On concepts and ideas

Of the Pure Land 

Throw it all away!

Just let go

Don't be afraid

Everything you need

Comes out of the Name

Inspired by Ippen Shonin 

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Themes from "Being Somebody Being Nobody"

I am leading a two day event in Milan on the theme "Being somebody being nobody". The group are mostly psychology/psychiatry people and mindfulness people. All but one have experience of meditation, in some cases over many years. The predominating traditions practised are Tibetan Mahayana on the one hand and Vipassana on the other. In my introduction I said that I saw my role as being to facilitate an exploration of the theme while giving the group some introduction to Buddhist psychology. I…


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Running Tide 31: REVEREND MASTER JIYU KENNETT Dharmavidya David Brazier

I met Reverend Master Jiyu Kennett for the first time in Gloucestershire at a practice venue that no longer exists called the Tathata Centre. Roshi, as I knew her, was recently returned from Japan.

Roshi was English, born in Hastings and had been educated as a church organist. She became interested in Buddhism in her youth and joined the London Buddhist…

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Running Tide 31: TAKAGI KENMYO: A LIGHT IN A DARK NIGHT Richard Ollier

Namu Amida Butsu.…


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Rev. Koyo Kubose and his father, Rev. Gyomay Kubose, continued the mission started by Honen and Shinran - bringing the Dharma to everyone in their everyday lives. Rev. Gyomay Kubose’s lifework was dedicated to promoting Buddhism in America, so that the Dharma could be part of the lives of those in a Western culture, where Buddhism…


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Seeking the light

You want to find light?

Look in the dark corners

behind the dark mirror.

You seek the eternal now?

See how your past makes your future and

your fear of the future has haunted your past.

You seek interbeing?

Learn to see otherness.

Let others be what they are

for their own reasons in their own way.

Form is just form.

Emptiness is just emptiness.

Enter the trap of life,

you will find many a friend in there

lighting matches in the…


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Running Tide 31: IPPEN IN THE KANTO Jason Ranek


I remember I was in Sagami province, speaking

to a group of farmers on the veranda of Jizōdō temple.…


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Alan Watts, Philip Kapleau, Bhikku Bodhi, Sharon Salzberg, and Pema Chodron, are names well known to Western Buddhists. Each…


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Remembering Amrita, Amida Minister

Today I am remembering dear Dharma sister and remarkable human being, Amrita, who died 8 years ago. Some links:

This is a report of…


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Buddhism is a religion

Buddhism is a religion. It has beliefs, rituals, altars, offerings, bells, candles, metaphysics, clergy, devotees, prayers, meditation, visions, visitations, celestial beings, other worlds, other lives, moral law, and salvation. All these are found in Zen Buddhism, in Theravada Buddhism, in Tibetan Buddhism, in Pureland Buddhism, in the other schools of Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhism, in fact, in all of Buddhism all over Asia. Buddhists probably burn more candles and incense than the…


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Mary Midgley, Patron of Amida Trust

In today's Observer newspaper, there's an article about Mary Midgley - moral philosopher, close friend of Dharmavidya and patron of Amida Trust:

Mary Midgley, philosopher
Moral philosopher Mary Midgley at home in Newcastle. Photographed for the Observer by Gary Calton

For a subject that is supposed to grapple with…


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What a bodhisattva gets in the Pureland

(Amida surrounded by bodhisattvas in the Pureland)

This is the 8th talk in the series on the Larger Pureland Sutra that I have been giving once a month here in Malvern. In this talk I look at the final four vows of Dharmakara Bodhisattva, who goes…


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Question and Answer with Dharmavidya (Audio Recording)

A couple of weeks ago Dharmavidya called into see us on his way back to Eleusis, it happened to be the night of our evening service, so we asked if Dharmavidya if he would mind giving a question and answer session afterwards. He agreed and it was a wonderful occasion.

We had questions ranging from 'what happens if Amida doesn't come to us when we die?' to 'can we take credit for making progress on the spiritual journey'.

Thank you again to Dharmavidya for his wonderful…


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How do you keep your faith?

I was asked today by someone who met me for the first time 'How do you keep your faith with everything you have been through'.
My reply: That's easy, because that's all I have that is solid, unchangable, and permanent, everything else in life is unpredictable!

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Join us virtually today in Malvern

Today between 10 and 4 we'll be chanting in Malvern. We're honoured that we'll be joined by Acharya Susthama, and others from other parts of the country.

If you chant for ten minutes today know that you'll be chanting along with us, held by Amida.

And do help yourself to some virtual…


Added by Satyavani Robyn on March 15, 2014 at 8:43 — 3 Comments

Suvidyas Blog

Please can someone send Suvidya a new password as he still cant get access. It wazs supposed to be sent to his email account. Blog follows.

Suando and I trip be for taking over the project full time we went New Delhi to Rishi kash we packed warm clothes . and some Buddhist books to read we journeyed thraesh Haridwar Rishi kash and Sayampur I could not help but notice it was all Hindhu no Buddhist Temples any where when we visited Suando cousin brothers in Shyam pur I asked about back…


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Short talk on listening

Last night at our usual service I gave a short Dharma talk on listening. You can listen to it here!

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Buddhism After the Tsunami, The Souls of Zen

Started by Kevin Nelson in Events Apr 6. 0 Replies

 Kojo Kakihara  of the Tacoma Buddhist Temple is promoting. "Buddhism After the Tsunami, The Souls of Zen" April 15, 20146- 8 pmCarwein AuditoriumUniversity of Washington Tacoma …Continue

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What does Other Power mean to you? How does it work in your life?

Started by Kaspalita in Buddhist Teaching. Last reply by Kevin Nelson Apr 6. 32 Replies

Hi everyone,I'm interested in how different people understand 'other power' and how they feel it affects their lives and practice. I suspect there is a spectrum that goes from "Have a sense of Amida…Continue


Started by Sujatin in Buddhist Teaching. Last reply by Kevin Nelson Apr 6. 8 Replies

IS THERE A GOD? A BUDDHIST ANSWER by Rev Taitetsu Unno IS THERE A GOD? Yes, but a proper Buddhist answer requires some clarification. In the depth of human awareness is a supreme reality who is…Continue

Daily Practice - Dharmavidya

Started by Sujatin in Amida Trust & Amida-shu Development. Last reply by Satyavani Robyn Feb 12. 1 Reply

Some time ago Dharmavidya wrote:…Continue

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