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Report on my visit to the European Buddhist Union AGM in Berlin

Hello all - I'm grateful that as last year Amida Trust supported me to travel to the beautiful Rigpa temple in Berlin where I represented Amida-Shu at the European Buddhist Union annual meeting. This was attended by forty Buddhist teachers and head of Buddhists Unions from…


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Consuming wisely

It is of course no news to anyone that we are in serious ecological trouble.  It seems that the most peaceful, Buddhist approach to bring change is also rather likely the only way that could be really effective in minimising damage.  These suggestions can be implemented quickly on a personal level and from there we can advocate this way of living to others.

-  Most of us are aware that factory farming is not just cruel but is a major cause of ecological destruction.  We in our Sangha…


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Bodhichitta is Nembutsu

Pureland can be considered to be a form of Mahayana Buddhism. As Buddhism has come to the West there has been a tendency to emphasise the self-power aspect of Mahayana. However, when we read a key text such as Shantideva we see that the core of Mahayana is the bodhichitta. The bodhichitta brings all benefits and is the foundation of the life of the bodhisattva. We go on to read about all the stupendous things done by bodhisattvas and many then conclude that we have to try to do all these…


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Urgent Call for Help

Dear Dharma Friends

Many people in the Delhi/UP border regions of India are currently suffering fever, some the more potentially dangerous and fatal virus dengue. A number of members of the Amida group based in the area of Shanti Nagar have fallen ill and at least one, Amida shu member Rakesh has been…


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The Compassionate Carer

A few months ago I decided to start a new blog aimed at Carers. The posts are about my experiences as a Carer, finding my way through a great many challenges, trying to keep the Middle Way as my path.

If you have no experience of what it is like to be a Carer but would like to know more about the challenges we face then please take sometime to follow this blog.

I am delighted that it has already made an impact on a small number of people and an extract from it is going to be published… Continue

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Listen to 'Freedom' by Acharya Modgala

Last Saturday evening Acharya Modgala delivered a lovely talk on Freedom. The talk was about facing your fears and Acharya Modgala used examples from her own life, including reading an extract from her up coming book. The recording of the talk includes a question and answer session at the end.


You can listen to the talk online here: Freedom (mp3).I have also updated the list of audio talks on the Friends of…


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Knowing Amida.


Learning to receive the grace of a higher power has been a tricky part of my spiritual growth. Like any relationship this one requires work and thought. As I learn to interpret the ways in which Amida communicates his Love I realise that it is a two way relationship which requires my conscious participation. I depend on Amida’s grace for hope, faith and courage and to a certain extent I need to remain aware of how those qualities are…


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Latest Amida Mandala Newsletter

Dear Dharma friend,

We've got two special events coming up, a talk by senior order member Acharya Modgala on Freedom this Saturday evening, and a retreat day in a couple of weeks on 'making friends with yourself'. Details…


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What would Buddha do?

The Buddha is a light in our lives. Each must walk his own path, but that path is illumined by the light shed by the example of all the Buddhas. The merit which they bestow upon us brings courage and light-heartedness such that walking the path is in no way a burden, but rather the experience of the most complete joy and ease that can be found in this and all possible worlds.

Life is full of challenges and difficulties and there are innumerable books of wisdom that can come to our…


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New Growth.


I noticed the first leaves of Autumn had fallen on and around my tent on the last day of my retreat. It was, for me, the first sign of the end of Summer. A pretty hot Summer which had been very present in four of the five days that I spent chanting Nembutsu in the grounds of Elusis, France. The 38 degrees of heat seemed to deny the fact of the changing season and the golden leaves looked out of place.…


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Volunteers at Amida Mandala

Today I showed a potential new volunteer around the temple gardens. When I finished showing him all the work that needs doing he didn't run away screaming, but said: "I've always loved digging".…


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Talking about Nagasaki on the Radio

Towards the end of last week I had a call from BBC Hereford and Worcester our local public radio (which has about 111 000 listeners) - would I be available to speak for three or four minutes about the bombing of Nagasaki, as it was the 70th anniversary.

We had a chat about what kind of thing they would be interested in hearing, and it turns out they were interested in how we live in a world which has nuclear weapons in it today, as much as a reflection on…


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Listen to Kindness is the Key, a talk from Amida Mandala

HI all,

This is a recording of a talk I gave on Saturday evening, the first in our series of events called Saturday Night Dharma. The talk is around 45 mins long.

We're delighted that our next event will be a talk on Satruday 5th September, by Acharya Modgala.

Listen/download mp3

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Meditating cats & dogs

Recently at Amida Mandala I've committed to starting the day in the shrine room from Tues - Thurs (Mon is our sacred day off and Fri is our public morning service) - silent prostrations followed by 20 minutes of silent meditation followed by 10 minutes of chanting - in the pattern that Jnanamati set up when he was…


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Many Nembutsu in France.

On Monday I will start a five day, continuous Nembutsu retreat at Elusis in France. It is the first time that I've tried this particular practice and am sort of wondering how it's going to be. I love saying the Nembutsu and usually incorporate some chanting into my meditation in the mornings and attend as many services as possible where it is recited almost constantly. After speaking to some other people who have done this before, it seems to be quite a serious business and I'm hoping to…


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Ippen Shonin Letter 7

"Birth through the Nembutsu" means that Nembutsu is birth. Namu is the mind that entrusts, Amida-Butsu is the practice entrusted to. The one thought-moment in which mind and practice interfuse is birth.

People who, upon saying Namu-Amida-Butsu, cease to weigh the good and evil or right and wrong of their own hearts and minds, and who possess no anticipation of anything coming after, are said to be practicers in whom true entrusting is decisively settled.

There must be no… Continue

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Korean Course

I have just completed running a five day course on Zen Therapy in Seoul, S Korea with a wonderful group of enthusiastic students. You can see the complete script of the course here

Namo Amida Bu.

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Aspiring to Postulancy

As a Human being my default setting is one of attachment. Attachment to things, attachment to pleasure, status, prestige and so on. My Buddhist learning and training awoke me to the depth and significance of this fundamental Human characteristic, which basically keeps me imprisoned within the complexities of Samsara. It is a pervasive principle that somehow affects every aspect of my existence and is directly related to the degree to which I experience discomfort and dis-ease. My…


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Refuge and Marriage

Here's a post from Paul (Reverend Ananda):

"Taking refuge is a lot like getting married. It is a commitment to a single tradition...." Continued here

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dear my friends Today my teaching class in Laxmi garden very nice class 2 new children English class lovly and sing very interesting  and after Buddhist class chanting service with children,s parents and I told Jatak story liked talk to Ashoka life story I told Ashoka lots work in Buddhism daughter Sangh mitra Ans son Mahendra went Sri Lanka Buddha publish good teaching in Sri Lanka Ashoka is great samrat and eat food for me and after went Laxmi Boddh vihar there 4 people in temple and talk…


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Shinran Shonin versus Larger Sutra

Started by Rob Van Gelder in Buddhist Teaching. Last reply by Kaspalita on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Dear Dharma-friends ... why did Shinran Shonin declare that the Larger Sutra is the teaching that Sakyamuni Buddha appeared in this world to deliver?Continue

The Spinach Quiche Phenomena

Started by Sujatin in Amida Trust & Amida-shu Development. Last reply by Michael Hernandez Sep 1. 1 Reply

This was an interesting post, that came via NEB. We've touched on this over the years as a 'green' concern. I'm not advocating that our teachers travel less - we are a small Order and there are…Continue

Born in the Pure Land?

Started by Rob Van Gelder in Buddhist Teaching. Last reply by Satyavani Robyn Aug 3. 7 Replies

To be born in the Pure Land. What does it mean?Continue

Ask the Teachers: As a Buddhist, should I support the pro-choice view on abortion?

Started by Sujatin in Buddhist Teaching. Last reply by Acharya Modgala Louise Duguid Jul 29. 2 Replies

This is a question that some of us may be asked at some time. What's your view?:Question: A friend of mind is considering getting an abortion. She asked me for advice, but as a Buddhist, I don’t…Continue


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