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Talk by Satya - How to Love

On Saturday night Satya spoke about how to love. She talked about the difficulties with letting love flow through us, and what we can do about it. (Just in time for St. Valentine's Day.)…

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The latest news from Dharmavidya: MONDAY 8 Feb; Writing from Father and Son

This morning I was able to have a talk with the doctor from which I was able to ascertain that he thinks it will be six months before my lungs are completely clear of blood clots. During that time they will keep me on blood thinners. He says that I can go home on Wednesday and the local doctor will take over the job of balancing my medication. At the moment I am getting warfarin every evening and injections of another thinner morning and evening. When I go home it will be one injection per…


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News from the temple: rainy days and duvet days

Satya is singing hymns in her office. Jim the gas-man is repairing a gas fire. I have just hung out a load of sheets and put another on to wash.

Monday is officially a day of rest in the temple. Prajna, in Ontario, told us that she takes one day to 'walk, read, and pray' and our day off is inspired by this. Although, personally, I don't always meet the aspiration for my day off to be a retreat day. Today I woke up feeling grumpy and eventually went back to bed. My mind and body were…


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Home from home


When I finally got to St Amand today, I was taken straight to the hospital to visit Dharmavidya. I was feeling tired but happy to be back. The sun was shining warmly, apparently for the first time in a while, making me feel welcomed and a sense of being in exactly the right place at the right time.


I must admit that I had raised my expectations pretty optimistically about the condition that I expected to find Dharmavidya in when I…


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Beginning the day in fear

Today we had a volunteer day here at the temple and yet again, even though this is maybe the 10th one we've held, I started the day in a bit of a nervous wreck. 

This morning I think I managed to make more sense of it. I wasn't just worried about whether there would be enough lunch for everyone or if…


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A Transmission.

I've been travelling now for the last 23hrs, with about another 4hrs to go. Mostly it's been a dissjointed, frustrating and at times demoralising drag. Confronted by rude sales assistants, hampered by noisy arrogant and aggressive passengers, and kept awake at unholy hours of the morning by snoring and the incessant clicks and clatters of earphone muffled music!

I managed to lose myself in nembutsu for some of it, which most definitely took the edge off the pain. I also had some very sweet… Continue

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Latest from Dharmavidya

Dharmavidya's children Mike and Emma will be arriving in France this weekend. Adam is also travelling there to provide some long-term support for Dharmavidya in his recovery. Acharya Susthama plans to visit soon, as well.

Yesterday Dharmavidya was diagnosed with arthritis in both of his hip joints, this is what was causing his hip pain. He also reacted badly to the medication so the Doctors are changing that to Warfarin.

He has been supported by Elja through this…


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Measuring Stones ~ a poem by Dharmavidya


Evening and my new pain lies beside me,

unexpected guest, after so many, a new turn

in the tortuous road of illness

where each correction of course

is like to bring its own hazard.

In the next hospital bed, a…


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News from Dharmavidya

On the Eleusis site Dharmavidya has written an update himself. It sounds like he'll be living a more settled life for a while. I've copied his update below. Or you can read it on the Eleusis site.


So here I am, in hospital. It is not so different from being in a monastery. There is a routine, even ascetic…


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DEsde Venezuela Alentamos a Dharmavidya Luz y amor


Ten seguro que en mi mente,

revive la mas inquieta plegaria,

por la luz y tu salud,

desde la patria de Bolívar ,Venezuela,…


Added by Wollmer Uzcategui on February 2, 2016 at 4:33 — 1 Comment

News from Amida Mandala

I spent a couple of hours in the garden this afternoon. It's been a warm, wet, winter, and the weeds have already started growing. It was good to get back in touch with the earth again.

Whilst weeding I discovered several meters of passion flower had been growing along the ground, tangled up with the weeds. I untangled it and used some old nails and twine to stretch it against the brick wall. It will be wonderful when the deep purple flowers open. Isn't it amazing what grows out of…


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Prayer for Dharmavidya

Some of you will know that Dharmavidya is in hospital near his home in France, recovering from a pulmonary embolism. He's getting treatment but they aren't sure how long he'll need to stay in at the moment.

I wanted to share the prayer for long life that Ananda wrote. Here it is.

Dharmavidya, founder of the Amida Order

Who turns the wheel of Dharma in the West and reveals the Nembutsu Vehicle

So that all may be reborn in Amida's Land of Love and Bliss



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This Week in Amida Mandala

This Week in Amida Mandala we had the first hard frost in the garden. Mid-week and we woke up to a white world. The ice stayed for the whole day. It’s warmer again today, and has been a warm winter in general. A mixed blessing – our 200 year old temple can be a…


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Gratitude and Happiness

"Peace Paul' (Ananda) writes: 

The first noble truth of Buddhism, which is often translated simply as suffering, actually has a richer meaning. It conveys a sense of bitterness, of unsatisfactoriness, of incompleteness. The Buddha was realistic. He did not deny the existence of happiness in our daily lives. Life is filled with many small joys: the pleasure found in a warm cup of coffee, or the happiness contained in…


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A message from Jnanamati in Delhi, 15 January '16

I am very pleased to be able to join Suvidya and the community here in UP again. I arrived on Wednesday from Birmingham. Yesterday I joined the first childrens class which was hosted in a local family home. It was lovely see some familiar faces and one ot two new children. The project has relocated to a building in Laxmi Gardens and next week we will host the same class here. Suvidya has done a wonderful job of making our new accommodation welcoming and homely. After the class…


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The Peace of the City.

There was a pleasing mixture of Buddhism and Christianity apparent at the all day chanting event on Saturday in Kings Heath, Birmingham. We gathered in a multi-faith venue which is part of a Christian church complex in the dead centre of the town. I was very aware of the rich cultural diversity, and how several different faith systems were represented in and around the buildings. This gives a feeling of convergence and union of purpose, as we gravitate towards a central point to carry out…


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CONTRITION: Gateway to the Awakening of Faith by Dharmavidya

(originally posted on the La Ville au Roi site:

Innumerable are sentient beings: I have harmed them all;

Uncountable are the holy precepts: I have broken them all;

Unfathomable are the Dharma teachings: I have offended them all;

Immeasurable are deluded passions: I have indulged them all;

Unconditioned is the heart of Buddha: I am accepted…


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वज्रयान थेरापी (Vajrayana Therapy)

Face Book Uploading : Jan 1, 2016 Friday

वज्रयान थेरापी

Vajrayana Therapy

बुद्ध शिक्षा - ६६

Buddha Teachings -…


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A New Year of No Regret

This New Years Eve I spent my morning as a Chaplain with palliative patients who today will be coming to terms with the fact that this coming New Year will be their last. They might make it a few days in to the New Year, they might hold on to a few precious months, but it is a certainty that they won't be celebrating another year with friends and family this time next year. Living your life on those terms means living for today, because the future is uncertain. Life suddenly has a use by date… Continue

Added by Kusumavarsa Dawn Hart on December 31, 2015 at 21:37 — 1 Comment

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