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Although we have not yet got to Ontario yet on our current journey (we shall be there this weekend) we are beginning to think about an outline for our next visit to N America which is likely to be in Jan-Feb 2010. It might look something like this....

UK -> (? Nova Scotia) Jan 1-5
-> New England
-> Ontario [Jan 5-10 ish]
-> ? Minneapolis
-> Vancouver [Jan 12-17 ish]
-> Hawaii [Jan 18-25 ish] (Honolulu + Big Island)
-> California [end of Jan]
-> (? Arizona or New Mexico) -> Texas and/or Brasil -> UK [mid Feb]

These dates are all just pulled out of the air at this stage, but you have to start somewhere.

We are open to invitations to additional places or specific venues within any of those already listed. We need to collect a list of people interested in being local organisers but we do not yet need to tie down specific events in each place.

If you are interested in helping out join this discussion or communicate with me direct

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In Ontario, I have in mind that next time we might be visiting Hamilton again, and, perhaps, also London. If there are other places that want to invite us, please let me know. Namo Amida Bu.
Hi, Dharmavida. I notice that you have Ontario down for Jan. 5 - 10 ish. I will still be in Vietnam until the 10th of January, and require about 2 weeks of rehab from jet-lag after that. Are these "ish"s etched in stone?
The current plan for Ontario is to be in London 15-18 January and if you would like to organise something for the weekend following - 21st-25th, either in Hamilton or in Kenora or wherever, that would look good.



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