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A lot of the Amida Friends live on their own, with their family or alone, with a sangha in their country or not, with kindred spirits or not. I think I may say that a lot of us encounter a form of loneliness in their life: in illness, by social problems, in confrontation with the materialistic way of living and thinking, in a lack of soulmates or anything. The Amida-Buddhistic inspiration and lifestyle gives a lot of power, love and wisdom, to encounter life with all his light and darkness, but sometimes.. the source seems lost, with a gap between me, the others and life, without buddhistic friends in the neighbourhood. Despair and loneliness can follow. Do we feel this as emptiness or can we learn to see this as a space? A space for what? Can we here make a choice or does it overwhelmed us? Can we ask for help, by taking refuge in Amida, the Dharma? Can we make our home as a place and space for Amidapower? Can we take refuge in the Sangha? An abstract sangha or can we create a more concrete sangha, even on ning?
This morning, a ningfriend Robert from Australië, with the same need of connection with Amidafriends, without a sangha in his country, suggests to chant on the same time and this was wunderful Maybe other people were also chanting on this time, but the fact that we did it by agreement together, alone in our home, gives a lot of silence and trust. Amida was there.
Or there other people who wants to join us? It will be difficult to look for a good time with all this differences in time over the world, but we can try and feel the effect...we'll see!
Namo Amida Bu

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There are a few of us in South Africa scattered around and it is not always easy to get together. We do not have an established 'concrete' sangha so, yes, the loneliness of not being able to share the inspiration that is enveloped from Amitabha Buddha can get daunting.
It is really the necessity of a sangha to actualise Amida wisdom into this world. I have creative juices flowing but often feel there is no-one around who can associate.
This is not an attack on the internet medium but a simple yearning for likeminded contact in living-flesh and colour.

There is no denying that every time we chant the 'nembutsu' we are making heart connections with other sangha and all sentient life for that matter.

Thank you for the post
Kind regards
Namu Amida Bu
Hello Andreas!

You're right:'likeminded contact in living-flesh and colour' gives much more satisfaction and joy of life than Internet. But... Internet with like-minded people gives much more inspiration than an other side on Internet or than nothing. Often daily life is good, living alone, meaningful, quiet and free, with good friends, children, colleagues, the belgian sangha on a distance. But sometimes there is loneliness (not dramatic!) and I'm looking how I encounter this. Loneliness is a red line in my life, so it's good to look for the possibilities of that: the good side of being alone near the difficult side. I'm sure that this is in force for all in life, not only loneliness. It's why I started this discussion!
A second thing I want to reply to you is: for myself I can not say that every time I chant the Nembutsu, that I'm making heart connection with others! Can you really say that? I can't see this as an automatism, neither as a blind trust. I need a certain inner attitude and an openess so that I feel what I'm saying and that I feel the response coming up in my body and mind, connected with life and Bigger Mind. When my head is too full and crumpled up, then it dominated my heart and body and then I'm a little bit isolated from life! I learned to manage this, but sometimes I need contact and connnection with other like-minded people and when nobody here is free, then I'm very glad with ning. This can be by chairing or read comments or reply or... making an agreement to chant and say the nembutsu at the same time.
We did it today with three: in London, in Melbourne and near Brussels, at the same time. For me it was good! I cannot speak for the others. The connection was concrete noticeable and it grows from our three to the sangha of Amida France and the Buddhist house, to all Amida Friends, to all Buddhist living now and then to the long path of all buddhists in the past and the long path to the future. In between all this all sentient beings were involved. So I felt the power of a little agreement developping bigger and Bigger. Unconditional love felt concrete and not abstract..this gave me good condition to have a meaningful day..for the benefit of all..Maybe tomorrow I feel nothing! But still I know on an abstract way that this exist.
This can be an other creative way than your juices, Andreas. It's good to look how we can share the creative juices, so that we can connect with it and integrate if we want.
Sometimes nobody react on my reflections and sometimes some is like it is...I don't give up, until I know for sure that it has no sence. Until now it has sence!
Warm greetings and maybe we meet again in a vivid discussion.
Now I reread this beginning of discussion I see that loneliness is gone now.I was helped to use the possibilities of being alone: what comes out of emptiness? Rest and silence came, I could feel refuge, I felt nature, wind and sun; I had beautiful charing on ning and gradually my mind became quiet. This opened my heart. Chanting together with some people over the world was and is very supporting. Thanks!
This morning, holidays were finished; I had to go for work.The sentence came: "I'll help the colleages and the cliënts just with Amida's love and light, not because I have to do my work very good. This gave relaxation, as if I was free from the obsession of the duty to do work very good. My mind sink in my heart and work was peaceful for all of us. No stress.
Indeed, it is easier to do something for others with the heart, than to try to clean up the mind! Namo Amida Bu
Without Ning I was not able to awaken for that.. the Amida-sangha works in ning, for all of us.
I agree with you. Internet is the perfect tool to make connections. I administer an italian forum for buddhist dialogue and i notice that, in this year of work there, people have found new buddhist friends (or interested in buddhism) and with them they feel less lonely. Lonelyness could be cause of depression, there is much more motivation sometime being connected with ppl even if the live on the other side of the country.
thanks for posting.
Yes Yoga Chakra, it works like that, when contact by Internet is closer and more continual than 'real' and life contact. Distance does not matter in sharing or discussing. So i hope for many people that ning can become an inspiring support and a field of connection and friendship. The world becomes closer and more connected in this way. Namo Amida Bu



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