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Hello all

my first motivator to join Dharma has been J. Krishnamurti. I regard him as the Buddha of our time and the world teacher of our age.
his holistic approach to human problems is the peak of psychotherapy and pure dharma.

to me, the essence of therapy is improving the "observing" part of the mind and being objective to and aware of the inner states instad of being subjective and dissolved in them and react to them. I call this kind of Buddhist psychotherapy "Observation Therapy".

let me give an example. someone suffers from anxiety of exam. he faces a pendulum of "suppression" and "allowance". if he don't accept his anxiety and judge it, the problem will become suppressed and hence worsened. if he react to it and conduct its energy to a specific canal it will give a temporary relief but will strengthen the previous Vijnana and will be worsened again. the only true exit from the pendulum is observing the whole situation. it will transform the energy of past habit to the energy of observation. in other words therapy is meditating with our problems: accepting them but not approving them. acceptance prevents suppression and not approving don't allow them to take a canal and turn the skandha cycle.

how do you see this?

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Hello Brother Kurosh!

I have thought It was excellent your commentary here in Amida's Friend Ning on Krishnamurti's Teaching!

I agree with you,my friend, when you say that Krishnamurti could be the 'Buddha of this Era',on his marvellous "Observing Therapy"(K.),and and so many several things that Krishnamurti left us,but I have to question some parts of this commentry here,because Krishnamurti said that the first thing we must do to free our minds is to leave(immediatly and definitly) all kind of religions,philophies,patterns,Teachers and so on,of our past 'education',to flowering ourselves.Didn't he say it?

According to Krishnamurti. we would only get our 'Spiritual Freedom'('Flowering')the "Mind Revolution" if we investigate our minds by ourselves-never by somebody's helping or even a book!!!(Buddhist,Hinduist,Christian,Muslin,etc.).

Do you really agree with Krishnamurti's Teaching?
(Krishnamurti said all these things I have just mentioned in almost all of his books like you should know).

I think that the more difficult task in Krishnamurti's Teaching is really "how" to practise it and really understand all he said in his books in my humble opinion!...(K. really said If we don't give up institutional religions,philosophies,philosophers,gurus,orders,etc. we couldn't find OUR OWN ANSWERS by ourselfVES!.If we haven't investigated our minds by ourselves we wouldn't be able to free our minds).

How do you see this 'another side' of Krishnamurti's teaching?Pardon,Brother,but wouldn't a part of your text be a contradiction inside of Buddhist Religion?Althogh I agree that a lot of thing that K. has taught is useful for all Buddhists,but quote Krishnamurti in Amida's friend is a contradiction,isn't it ?

Thanks you a lot in antecipattion,

In Gassho,


*I am a Brazilian,I am sorry by my poor English
Hello Friend and Sister Caroline!

Thanks you,Sister Caroline,very much!!! You could join '2 different points of view' and create a new one(by you),that perhaps, may iluminate our Buddhist Ways more than before your marvellous post!

I have loved what you said and your "technical knowledge" of Buddhism!
*Please could you add me?Thanks a lot!



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