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Amida Pureland Buddhism

Hello everyone - I'm delighted to let you know that Amida Scotland meetings start in August and to invite you to join us. We'll meet on the first Tuesday of the month. So, here's the first date:

Date: Tuesday August 4th 2015
A gentle introduction to Pureland Buddhism. We will include sitting meditation and Pureland chanting. Come along to this peaceful and nurturing evening with gentle like-minded others as we begin to create a Pureland sangha here in Perth.

Time: 7 - 9 pm
Venue: 'Taigh an t-Solais'
19 Fairmount Terrace

Directions: From the Queens Bridge, travel south along the A85 Dundee Road, in the Dundee direction. Turn up Fairmount Road beside the Sunbank House Hotel. Continue to the right along Fairmount Terrace, going beyond the small crossroads beside Balnagraig School. Shortly after this you will come to a small cul-de-sac on the left hand side, where you will find Number 19 at the top of the cul-de-sac.
Here's a
photo of the house so you'll recognise it!

We're near the bottom right of
:: this map

The shrineroom is on the ground floor, overlooking the terraced garden at the back of the house.

Note: Meetings are open to all.
No experience necessary.

Come along and join us - and bring your friends!
All meetings include Pureland Buddhist practice, tea and biscuits, time to check in with each other. We'll plan meetings in the future to include guided meditation, art and music. From time to time other members of the Amida Order will visit us.

There's no cost for these meetings - we welcome donations for Amida projects in Delhi and the UK. Suggested amount between £2 and £5.

Send Reverend Sujatin an

You can find out more about Amida Pureland Buddhism by visiting our website

We now have a FaceBook page" style="width: 220px; min-height: 146px; margin: 0px; border: 0; line-height: 100%; outline: none; text-decoration: none; display: inline;" align="none" height="146" width="220"/>

Amida Buddhism: Faith and Practice 1

When we receive faith, regard and revere the
Dharma and attain Great Joy
We Immediately transcend the five evil realms

~ Shinran

Primal Vow
Just as it is
Just as you are

The most simple and difficult aspect of Amidism (Amida Pureland Buddhism) is to trust that one is acceptable just as one is. There is nothing whatsoever to achieve. There is no divine punishment or purgatory for sins. There is nothing to achieve, but there is a deep dynamic already at work in our lives and if we allow it then we will find ourselves seized by it. This inner dynamic is called the primal vow. It is an inner longing. Amidism is a matter of awakening to this inner dynamic. it is not a personal possession but rather a function of the inconceivable measurelessness of existence itself that constantly pulls us beyond ourselves. Mostly people do not feel acceptable as they are and so spend a lot of energy on avoidance and escapism - different forms of hiding - and this prevents them from realising what is most deep and sincere. In the eyes of the Buddha they are acceptable just as they are but they create their own hell because they are not acceptable in their own eyes. Of course, one also meets conceited people who purport to be self-satisfied but this is just a shallow front. It is, in fact, impossible to get out of the habit of escapism without some kind of wake-up call from beyond ourselves. This wake up is "the voice of the Buddha" in one form or another. Sometimes it is provided by inspiration such as from a spiritual teacher, sometimes by a crisis in our life that gives us a shock, and commonly by some juxtaposition of the two. On the one hand, therefore, we need nothing. On the other hand, we need to be woken up by the Buddha. Then we awaken to natural faith. Faith in Buddhism means to entrust oneself to reality - to things just as they are (tathata) - not to anything supernatural, nor to wishful thinking.

~ Dharmavidya David Brazier, Head of the Order of Amida Buddha

Even if the whole world is on fire
Be sure to pass through it to hear the Dharma;
The you will surely enter the Path of the Buddha
And everywhere deliver beings from the river of birth and death
~ The Larger Pureland Sutra


More dates for your diary

Bodhi Retreat 2015 
with Dharmavidya David Brazier,
Amida Mandala, Malvern
December 8 - 13, 2015

details here

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